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We combine biotechnology and artificial intelligence to transform by-products of the agri-food industry into a '' next generation protein '' with high nutritional value and 100% sustainable.

Upcycling the food industry

Use of waste and by-products from food production as raw material for our fermentation process.

We bring society a new source of protein with high nutritional value, employing many fewer resources.

Thanks to biotechnology we produce sustainable ingredients, maximizing the process efficiency of creating protein.

Alternative source of protein

We are establishing a new industry of sustainable food that solves growing global food demands without the need for arable land. We are focused on designing high-value, natural and nutritious food. 

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We believe in a sustainable
source of protein

Society is facing an unsustainable food industry feeding 9.8 billion people by 2050. To meet this fast-growing demand, food production will need to increase by around 60 percent, which would require 593 million additional hectares of agricultural land to meet this demand — an area almost twice the size of India.

The agricultural sector causes 30% of global emissions of greenhouse gases

Between 75% and 80% of the world's agricultural area is used to produce animal feed

80% of global deforestation is the result of agricultural expansion

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