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The Process

Up-cycling food by-product's

MOA is a B2B platform for healthy and sustainable ingredients obtained by food by-product’s valorisation through fermentation process optimised with our own artificial intelligence tool

Impact reduction

We valorise food by-products and reintroduce them into the food chain to provide a sustainable product to replace animal and plant-based protein, not only because we don't need to extract more resources from the environment, but also because it allows us to reduce the impact of food industry waste on ecosystems and its own efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence

Using an artificial intelligence tool of our own creation, we choose the right microorganism for the by-product, saving research time.

The result is a microbial biomass with high nutritional value and technological properties.

Our products

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Healthy and sustainable products based on single cell protein (SCP).

Excellent nutritional qualities, versatility and low environmental impact. It contains all essential amino acids, is easily digestible (0.9 PDCASS) and has no allergenic potential. 


Food Applications

We re-introduce the ingredient into the food chain. The ingredient has excellent functional properties, nutritional value and sensory attributes. This makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications such us meat analogues, sauces, bread, plant based cheese and more. 

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Cochinita Pibil



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